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Is JavaScript Hard to Learn? 5 Tips to Make Learning JavaScript Easier

Is JavaScript Hard to learn? It can be. But there are certainly ways to make it easier for yourself to learn. Join trainer Mark Lassoff to learn his five tips to make learning JavaScript coding easier for you.

So you want to learn JavaScript? But you’re wondering is JavaScript hard to learn. The true answer is it can be, but, there are ways of making it easier! I’m Mark Lassoff from Framework Television. I’ve taught JavaScript to hundreds of thousands of people online– and Here are my five ways to make learning JavaScript easier.

Number 5– Make JavaScript easier to learn by learning HTML5 first
While JavaScript is now used for a lot more than web development, its original home is on the web. Understanding HTML first provides an excellent context for understanding HTML. It’s really hard to understand concepts like DOM manipulation without understanding HTML5. Learning HTML5 will also give you a way to show immediate results for your learning. Being able to show results immediately will motivate you and keep you learning. Besides, HTML is pretty easy to learn– and its something that you’ll need for almost any project you do on the web.

Number 4– Make JavaScript easier to learn by learning vanilla JavaScript First
There are hundreds– maybe thousands– of JavaScript libraries out there. Many are built to make JavaScript coding easier. For example, the jQuery library can compact a dozen ore more lines of code into two or three commands. Other libraries expand upon JavaScript extending its abilities. Regardless, I recommend you learn plain, vanilla, JavaScript first. It may seem tougher at first, but people who learn libraries first often miss important fundamentals that they’re going to need. Learn libraries after you have the fundamentals down and you’ll benefit more!

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Number 3– Make JavaScript easier to learn by taking a formal course
Sure, there are thousands of JavaScript videos on Youtube. And they’re all free. But in this case, free has a cost. In order to learn, you need a consistent curriculum and you need more than just videos. A formal course will have been designed to teach you everything you need in an order that makes sense. A good course will also give you lots of code labs to practice with. Speaking of practice…

Number 2– Make JavaScript easier to learn by practicing– a lot
No one has learned to code by just watching videos. It’s only by actually coding that you’ll pick up the syntax, skills, and techniques used in development. When you learn, for example, to code a JavaScript while loop practice by writing several different types of loops that yield different results. Keep practicing until you can write a loop without looking at a reference– Then you know you understand the concept.

Number 1– Make JavaScript easier to learn by doing projects.
Once you’ve finished a curriculum for fundamental JavaScript, it’s time to start completing projects that force you to apply the JavaScript you’ve learned. There are dozens of APIs — or application programming interfaces– that can be accessed to make really neat JavaScript applications. There are loads of project ideas to be found by just browsing the app store. It doesn’t matter which projects you choose, just see the project through to the end so you learn to apply JavaScript in a real-world setting.

So instead of making JavaScript hard to learn, do yourself a favor and make it easy! I’m Mark Lassoff for Framework Television. See you next time.

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